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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

As I battled with the dreaded cancer, it gave me ample time to reflect upon my life and all the experiences I had. One thing which came across crystal clear was that while we cannot change the cards we have been dealt, we certainly have the power in our hands as to how we play. The ‘time out’ I got from my professional life, which was a most enriching journey of continuous period of over 25 years, it gave me the opportunity to deeply introspect & reinvent myself. I took Cancer as a luxury afforded to me for doing a deep dive into all the lessons learnt in life and what can I leave behind as my legacy, what I would want to be remembered for…

While the Cancer I had was at a pretty advanced stage, I never lost the faith that I would be given one more chance – one chance to channelize all my learning & experiences into something gainful for someone. All the learning I had was not to go waste surely. So I believed. I had to give back what I got in abundance.

And I got the opportunity to meet with some brilliant minds from the field of Education & Skill India Mission, we had some detailed discussions on the Biggest Opportunity India had, which was also our biggest Challenge, ie., Engaging Our Youth Productively …..

The average age of India’s population by 2020 is projected to be the lowest in the world, around 29 years compared to 37 years in China and the United States of America, 45 years in West Europe, and 48 years in Japan. While the global economy is expected to witness a shortage of young population of around 56 million by 2020, India will be the only country with a youth surplus of 47 million.

And I knew what we had to do. Small but Confident Steps in the right direction…

It became pretty obvious that India’s demographic transition makes it imperative to ensure employment opportunities for millions of youth each year. And for generating employment, Skill Development is very important as over the years jobs have become more skill intensive with changes in technology as well as increased inter-linkages across economic activities.

The skill development issue in India is pertinent both at the demand and supply level. Generating employment is definitely a challenge given the enormity of population entering workforce each year. From the supply side, the issue is primarily related to employability of the workforce due to varying reasons ranging from poor education, lack of training facilities, inadequate skilling, quality issues leading to mismatch of skill requirements, and poor perception of vocational skilling vis-à-vis formal education. These have inadvertently created skill shortages and also contributed to higher unemployment. Hence, both employment and employability are key factors of concern today. Alongside the daunting challenge of skilling millions of youth entering workforce each month, India also faces a huge challenge of evolving a skill development system that can equip the workforce adequately to meet the requirements of the industry. The existing infrastructure, both physical and human, is grossly inadequate considering the projected demand for skilled labour. While there is a need to create additional capacity in existing institutes, at the same time there is a need to create an adequate infrastructure even in small towns and villages.

And this is how ‘WINGS FOR YOUR DREAMS’ came into existence. For any country to develop & become a forerunner, self sufficient & an economic super power, it is important to develop its youth, create employment & foster entrepreneurship. Merely relying on government to resolve all problems of the society or tackle all issues, never gets any country achieving its aspirations

‘Wings’ has been founded with the Objective of Mobilising & Partnering with Business Entrepreneurs to Skill India’s Youth & make them Future Ready.

We intend to reach out to the youth in Rural & Semi Rural India, besides the Urban, and provide Skill Set Trainings which ensure gainful employment / entrepreneurship. We have a young, highly experienced, very successful, dedicated & enthusiastic team, which is committed to the cause & vision of generating Revenue with Ethics while giving back to the community by Skilling our Youth with employable Skill Sets!

We look forward to partnering with like-minded Business Houses, Corporates, Educational Institutions & Individual Entrepreneurs to help our Country become a Forerunner, Self Sufficient & an Economic Super Power, where employment is not a concern for the country’s youth.