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They just don’t attention the best way to deal with a female I Motivate you guys to destroy the principles She’s selecting it by using a enthusiasm Don’t you like your men and women? Don’t you realize, you’re proceeding towards your own personal race? A few what? At times we don’t know. But, we help it become. Encouraged to our Channel. I’m Andre. I’m Andrea. So we are in this article to state, first of all, many thanks. Thanks Thanks. Many thanks. Thank you for the comments; for that really like that you simply all have already been supplying us over the past full week because we unveiled our funnel We didn’t understand that more and more people would be curious about this kind of I presume There are tons of men and women that are curious about finding yourself in an interracial Overseas relationship. So we’re glad that you all were able to follow download Subscribe and continue to share our our story has been go along on this journey. This channel is about you And so what we’re going to be doing continue to encourage you all to take advantage of it This is something that you want to do that you’re interested in doing Always feel free to once again subscribe Almost feel free to share and make sure you could bell To get your notifications when we post our next video now is eharmony good Today’s topic you’re gonna love this topic because we’ve have been getting people that have been asking this question Quite often to both of us, although we also want to make sure that you realize that this channel that we put together is to encourage As well as educate you when it comes to being mixed couples We don’t just want to make this channel about us. So the topic for today is Why date a black man and why date a Latina? Because it’s typically. Yeah usually men and women question us Alright, why not day inside your very own competition? Why not remain in your individual tradition? Don’t you like your people? Don’t you realize, you’re heading in opposition to your own competition? That’s what this station is focused on it’s about Input it around the forefront in relation to as being a combined couple. There are couples around the world That are interested in the topic of interracial international dating and so we’re here to assist, although like we said, this channel is not just about us We’re here in Cali, Colombia. What’s going to take place is we will individual. Indeed Our company is splitting We’re gonna individual to provide you with our opinions relating to this subject matter, naturally. Our goal with this movie it’s encourage you people to break their rules and initiate to dating colour pores and skin Tradition, what ever. this right is very important. That’s proper. So, the first thing you’re going to see is Andrea’s opinion It is opinion when it comes to dating black men. Then you’re going to pick up a few things i have to say in relation to dating a Latin girl. Then you’re going to hear what we will need to say jointly to summarize therefore we wish that you just guys get the opportunity to just grab anything and discover anything or pick up something that you never thought about So without further ado I’m gonna phase aside and and here’s Andrea. She’s gonna give in this article viewpoint on Oh yeah sure, dating a dark guy. Why venture out with black colored men black colored guys? Black colored guys are fantastic people. Black colored guys are adult They cause you to feel cozy. They have you feeling shielded. They can be so gentleman and However I can’t point out that not all the black men are such as that. We have now have we have now half and half. Those which are really really knowledgeable, the ones that they visit school, or those which have Let’s say excellent actions and those that don’t proper care the best way to handle a female. Understanding, they just don’t care. operate. So, we have two different sides. Obviously, have different cultures, but my experience with dating with a black man has been Really really great Because I’m dating with a man with the man he’s not from my country We. We certainly have distinct dialects So for me personally is a huge truly interesting experience To share with you my understanding with him and he does a similar exactly the same thing with me. Why should i say, I mean, it’s just it’s simply a tough issue that constantly folks make me that why I like choosing black guys and not a white, person? it’s type of challenging to solution that. But it’s just an issue that it’s just something you want. Let’s say as if you have All Various kinds of ice-skin cream. You merely like just one and that is certainly your chosen. which is in my opinion a black color man. and i also sense truly really truly privileged that I’m dating using a amazing gentleman. and my connection with him continues to be truly excellent and the man loves my region. He really loves my culture. He loves my vocabulary. So yeah, I feel so blessed. So, that’s why I prefer to date with black men Okay Now that Andre’s left the room. Let’s chat, fellas Why managed a Latin lady? During my case a Colombian woman. one cause a single cause only Not due to the fact they’re probably the most wonderful ladies in the world. They are. Not since they are the most feminine girls worldwide They can be. But as a consequence of 1 explanation then one reason just that I stumbled upon and many other males have found. because of their interest The first thing that’s planning to recognize in regards to a Latin woman’s interest drops mostly in 3 categories Passion for her loved ones Desire for her and herself adoration for you. For those who have a totally excellent Latina female on your own team You’ll fully grasp value of household to her. It’s not simply routine. It’s not just out of love I don’t know what to call it But it’s an ingredient that they have called passion that takes their love for their family to the next level second area of passion that I notice a Latin woman has is a passion for herself If she’s a good Latin woman, she’s gonna go after her goals. Whether it be education, may it be in business. May it be psychic goals, whatever it may be she’s choosing having a passion. If she’s an effective girl the 3rd location that we discovered when it comes to a Latin woman and her desire is her relationships along with her man I’m failing to take anything from almost every other culture or another race Due to the fact nobody has established equivalent. But it’s some thing concerning the Latin female who nonetheless contains on to exhibiting that she’s so female But as well really powerful It’s anything regarding the Latin lady that reveals that she will be there a lot of it is due to the way in which she was increased being a Latin girl many things i treasured about her several things that we loved about her. A lot of things that we need to have from her Are based away from her traditions and just how she brings herself I’m so fortunate. So appreciative of the person whom I with and So when it comes to dating the Latin woman do realize That not all women are good. Some good females. Women which are caring for organization; doing what they desire to accomplish. But you may still find some Latin girls out there that also have an part of opportunity to improve and grow in any event In relation to my connection with Andrea, we’re out to demonstrate dark enjoy is important Latin adore issues interracial and overseas love matters and God’s adore is important by far the most So in terms of a Latin woman I am very satisfied and I believe my Latin female can be just as pleased while i am. Since you’ve listened to from us when it comes to our opinions on black land and men girls dating we want to hear from You, of course, how do you sense about this subject matter? What do you think regarding this subject matter? And please depart all of the feedback down beneath and the questions that people have. And just how this subject matter allow you to folks. So we truly want to hear from you. We don’t would like to simply be those who You observe us and you feel …Amazing. that’s a good husband and wife. We have been. A couple of what? Often we don’t know but we’re rendering it. We we don’t just value the other person which means you. So, if you have any questions outside of what you leave in the comment section below? Our company is believe our social media details at the same time So you’ll have the ability to give us a call just send us a message. You’ll have the ability to contact us on Fb and also getting in contact with us In addition to, getting in contact with us on Instagram. So, right so one thing that we want to make sure that we always do is to let you know that we Appreciate you who encouraged you because one that you remember one thing you realize you only get one chance one life one time Take advantage of it, those links are going to be left Yes. We’ll view you on the up coming episode. We have this ridiculous lady close to me.With such laughter. It’s going to be so amusing to find out the out takes away this online video. We would like to hear from… you. What do you think… No We would like to hear from You?

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